FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Filled White Bulk Bags / Super Bags
Bulk Bags are known in the industry as FIBC, Tote bags, super bags, jumbo bags, one ton bag.

Bulk bags are flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) for use in storage and transportation. You can put almost any kind of flowable product inside bulk bags, ranging from agricultural products to industrial products. Bulk bags are an ideal packaging solution for bulk handling operations. It is made from a strong and thick weaved polypropylene material, comes in a variety of sizes and most bulk bags are designed to handle 1 ton of weight or more; bulk bags are a reliable and safe way to move bulk material with its safety ratios and its easy discharge option with a bottom spout.

There are many configuration of bulk bags with different opening, different bottom, and differing lifting options. We at Blue Eagle Inc will find the perfect solution with the correct configuration of bulk bags to handle your packaging process.

Please see our Inventory of Bulk Bags with pricing. We carry many different common size FIBC bulk bags. Our Warehouse is located in Southern California and can ship nationwide in any quantity with very competitive pricing.

If the size you need is not in our inventory, then we can custom manufacture it in our manufacturing facility in China, with delivery lead time of less than 60 days. Please Contact Us for more details on custom sizing!




Our Advantages

  • Experts in the Woven PP Industry for more than 40 years
  • Maximum value by delivering best quality for minimum cost
  • Fastest lead time among all competitors that manufactures overseas
  • Guaranteed safety on bulk bags manufactured and delivered by us.
  • Warehouse in Southern California allowing us to not require minimum order quantity on any custom bulk bag

Bulk Bag Configurations

Top Options 
FIBC-duffle-topDuffle top opening are easy to open and easy to close, it is ideal for process that needs the full access of the opening. the duffle top is usually 30 inches high and this type of opening is the most common among all bulk bags.
fibc-open-topOpen top is suited for material that does not need to be covered, and it is a more economical option.
Spout top are for processes that has a specific filling need. It is to prevent materials or dust from getting in or out. The standard size of this spout 14” diameter, 18” long

Bottom Discharge Options 
fibc-flat-bottomFlat bottom is just a simple bottom, and it is used when no discharge option is needed, or when the process requires the bottom to be cut open for the material discharge.
fibc-spout-bottomSpout bottom is the most common discharge option among all bulk bags. Materials are discharged after a simple release on the knot tying the spout. Standard size of this spout is 14” diameter and 18” long.
fibc-skirt-bottomFull bottom discharge is just a simple skirt on the bottom of the bulk bags. This option is useful only for very lightweight material where it is less flowable. This option cannot be used for heavy and dense materials.

Body Construction Options 
fibc-circularCircular body construction is a tube shaped body sewn into a square shaped bottom. It still maintains a square shape due to the bottom. The body of this construction has no seams and may be preferable for materials that are very fine.
fibc-upanelU Panel construction is as the name implies, constructed from a U-shaped fabric and then 2 squared shaped fabric sewn on the sides. The advantage of using this shape is the increased safety on lifting heavier material.
fibc-squareSquare or 4-panel construction is made up of 4 panels sewn into a square bottom. This allows the bag to retain a squared shape compared to the other types.

Lifting Straps Options 
fibc-cross-corner-loopsCross Corner straps are loops going from one corner to the other; it is useful to make the straps stand up and easing the fork from the forklift to go through without much hassle.
fibc-corner-loopsSide sewn straps are loops sewn on the corners. This type of straps can increase the safety of the bag, allowing it to hold heavier loads without requiring reinforcement on the body.
fibc-sleevesSleeve straps are mostly used to allow easier forklifting on the bag without a 2nd person or the forklift driver having to adjust the straps to fit into the forks.

Special Options 


Baffles are a special panel construction inside the bulk bags, they are small panels with holes sewn to each corner of the bag. The basic usage of this is that it makes the bags retain a square shape. The bags without baffles will have a slight bulge on the side, and these baffles eliminates that bulge. This in turn helps with storage and transportation where space is constrained. The baffles also helps with stacking of bulk bags. The panels creates a support on each corner making the bulk bags to not shift around when stacked.
fibc-meshBulk bags with breatheable mesh fabric are for materials or produce that needs air to freely flow through the inside of the bag. These bags are useful for produce that needs flowable air as to prevent rotting. They are constructed as a U-Panel shape with breatheable Woven PP fabric as the U Shape for maximum strength and the other 2 panel being fully woven mesh, for easy air flow.

Bulk Bags Inventory

Size (inches)TopBottomWeight CapacityNotesQTY per palletPrice eachPrice each for 1+ palletIn stock
35x35x43DuffleSpout3000 lbn/a230Quote $7.05Available
35x35x55DuffleSpout2200 lbn/a 200Quote $7.10 No
35x35x50DuffleSpout4000 lbHeavy duty, with straps going across bottom160Quote $9.80Available
36x36x36DuffleSpout2200 lbn/a250Quote$6.00Available
35x35x72dufflespout2200 lbn/a200Quote$7.70Available
41x41x72DuffleSpout2200 lb Baffles150Quote $11.80 Available
41x38x63DuffleSpout2200 lbBaffles Construction, bulk bags for almonds or other nuts, safe for food contact160Quote$9.93 Available


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  3. Further Discount Available on order of more than 1 pallet, or container orders. Request a Quote for more details